Ministry Notes

March 2020

I love March. Sure, we have a few big snow events, but we also have longer days and hints of warmer weather. I start thinking about the garden; I start imagining what kind of motorcycle trips I might take.

The world seems to come alive. Flowers bloom, sap flows, and the monochrome white slowly turns to green. To me it feels like resurrection. We all have our favorite seasons of the year; mine is spring.

This year Kris and I will take a few days and travel to Seattle. We’ll be attending the wedding of a nephew in the same church we were married… Exactly 40 years ago! It will be one of those full circle experiences.

I remember getting married and having a reception in the church basement-- cake and coffee. We were dirt poor. Eventually, we jumped into a borrowed Volkswagen Dasher and headed to the Olympic Peninsula. We stayed at a place called the Sandpiper Resort overlooking the Pacific. Our room looked over the parking lot but at least we were on the coast!

We returned early from the honeymoon. Kris’ dad thought that was the funniest thing ever. Truth was, we were eager to get on with life. We wanted to get settled and get the big adventure going. And so, we did! And so, it has been!

Life is an adventure in so many ways.

We’ve begun the season of Lent. Wednesday evening worship will include the Holden Evening Prayer Service. Guest preachers from the Cannon Falls area will focus on the theme of “Forgiveness.” We’ve participated in this round robin in the past and I find it very meaningful. While you have an opportunity to hear a different voice, I have the opportunity to greet other congregations on your behalf. It’s one of the ways we participate in the broader church community.

Lent is traditionally a time of preparation for Holy Week and Easter. A time of self-examination, or a time of discipline to some spiritual practice. Many people give things up for Lent. Some people may devote themselves to being generous or reading the Bible. This year I’m thinking about forgiveness, and wondering about my life.

Is there someone in my family I need to forgive? Is there someone in my family I might have wronged? Do I need to forgive myself for anything? Forgiveness is a big topic and you too may be challenged to exploring it during Lent.

The journey of Lent leads to Holy Week. The story of Jesus being put to death is difficult to hear and experience. It’s always good to remember that Easter comes. Resurrection is God’s way of healing the truth about our violent hearts. Forgiveness is God’s judgment. And with that forgiveness we learn to forgive others; it’s a way of life.

I invite you into this journey of Lent, and let’s watch God’s grace change our hearts. Life is an adventure…    


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