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Ministry Notes

July 2022 

Reflections: From Your Interim Pastor Dan

I love this time of the year! Lake City Water Ski Days and other community celebrations are calling people together, the corn is growing so rapidly with the heat of the past weeks, the kids in my neighborhood are out of school and on their bikes, and all plant life is so green.

My friend brought me some fresh strawberries she picked this week. Nothing is better than fresh strawberries. It reminds me of the “Fruit of the Spirit” the Apostle Paul names in Galatians 5, “Love, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.” The Spirit is nurturing the sweet fruit that reflects the core of our Lord Jesus right here in our midst. Christ is obviously present here in Word, sacrament and in the life of your community.

I cannot believe that I have been honored to be with you as your Interim Pastor for the past 8 months. Time has flown by. Cannon River and Cross of Christ Lutheran have been showing me what the “Fruit of the Spirit” looks like. Your Christ-Spirit of authentic love for each other and the world in need, your joy in worship, your passion to lift up the neighbor in times of crisis, and your laughter have shown me what the Apostle Paul describes as living evidence of Christ in your midst. “The Fruit of the Spirit” is so evident in your loving community of faith in so many ways! No wonder why my time with you has been such a blessing to me.

The Call Committee has begun the interview phase of their work. Our loving, faithful God is preparing a pastor who will serve you for the coming years. My prayer is that this fortunate pastor will be able to nurture all that I celebrate in your beautiful community of faith. Please keep the Call Committee’s work in your prayers!

This is a very exciting time in the history of Cannon River and Cross of Christ Lutheran. You have so many things to celebrate! There are so many gifts of grace that are already here and coming your way. Thanks for many ways you reflect the Fruit of Spirit the Apostle Paul describes in Galatians 5.

Blessings of all the sweet “Fruit of the Spirit” be yours today and in the coming weeks!

Pastor Dan

Church Phone: 651-388-3464

Interim Pastor: Dan Nordin

Pastors Cell Number: 763-458-5066  

Pastors Email: [email protected]