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Ministry Notes

June 2021

We recently celebrated the confirmation of four wonderful kids! For the past two years the kids and I gathered (with careful covid protocols), and talked about life and faith. Content and learning are important, and for me it’s mainly about relationships and integrating. Where the rubber hits the road! We kept saying, “The stuff we talk about in here, it all about making a difference out there.”

Every week we talked about what was going on at school. In the confirmation class, there were students from four different school districts, each on a different and evolving schedule. We would “check-in” and say prayers for the kids. It felt so good to share our stories and experiences. Myself included!

It is my prayer that these kids always remember our time together, as a time of wonder, mystery, connection and inclusion. I also pray that what has been planted in their hearts will flourish and produce an abundance of love for the world…

And that’s really what life is all about. Being the church, is all about making a difference for the sake of the world. We gather to worship; we are then sent to “Go in Peace and Serve the Lord…”

This past year we have weathered tremendous challenges. And the remarkable thing has not only been our resiliency, but I’ve also sensed a renewed mission. It’s as if, we’ve had to be the church in such different ways, and through all that struggle, we discovered an appreciation of why we’re here in the first place! Our mission statement seems more poignant to me.

I’ve had numerous conversations with people about how good it feels to be back in church. I’ve also had numerous conversations with people about the worship videos. We had neighbors watching the worship videos, neighbors who belong to other churches… We had our members send the links to others around the country, and in one case, around the world…

As we emerge from this covid conundrum, and get back to some kind of normal, I wonder how that “normal” will look?

I image worship will slowly go back to normal. And maybe we’ve learned that shorter is alright… And for some people, even preferred! And we’ve also learned, that for some people, connecting with the congregation through watching a worship video also works.

We might have accidentally discovered new ways of worship that are welcoming, inviting and meaningful. I imagine this will continue to be discussed in the upcoming months. And something we should prayerfully consider.

And I welcome your input. Please feel free to tell me what you think, and how you have experienced “church” this past year. We are, very much, in a unique position as we move forward. And guided by the Spirit, we will be a new creation. However, that happens…


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