Cross of Christ Lutheran Church - Welch, Minnesota -
Ministry Notes                                 November 2018

I inherited traditional rural values.  I grew up on a farm, it was the air I breathed.
An important value in my family was hard work.   Chores were a daily reality; we had ten thousand chickens and picking eggs was a little like a dairy operation-- it got done like clockwork!  Everyone had a specific job and the whole family functioned like a team.  I loved the feeling of responsibility and participation; it made me feel important and it was so meaningful.

An equally important value was giving thanks.  And I’m not so sure it was a value as much as it was the natural result or the simple appreciation for a job well done.   When I was young, supper time was always full of stories and goodwill.  When dad said grace, he was always giving thanks for his family. 

The tradition around Thanksgiving is to celebrate the hard work of bringing in the harvest.  A time to literally savor the fruits of hard work.

This year as Thanksgiving comes around, I invite you to reflect on the hard work that has been accomplished through both churches.  It makes me thankful to think about how beautiful both churches are, and how lovingly they are taken care of.  It makes me thankful to drive up to each church and see the cemeteries, and the great cloud of witnesses who worked so hard to build these communities. 
It makes me thankful to think about Sunday morning worship, all the moving parts coming together, giving thanks and praise to God.  It makes me thankful to think about the bible studies, blood drives, Welch Community Picnic, Taste of Welch, and all the efforts with Feed My Starving Children. The more I reflect with all these blessings, the more my heart is thankful.

Cross of Christ and Cannon River are indeed hard-working congregations and we are thankful for all the blessings we share together.

And in this Thanksgiving spirit, I invite all of you to pat yourselves on the back.  You’ve all worked hard, you’ve all given of your time, talents and resources and I’m so thankful for all of you!

Cannon River will be celebrating the Harvest Festival on October 28 and Cross of Christ will be celebrating on November 4 in connection with stewardship Sunday.  Let’s celebrate and be thankful all together!

Blessings for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and may God continue to shower us with His abundance, grace upon grace.

God’s continued blessings, Deacon Todd Portinga

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